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Local Business Directory Listings with a Global Reach

One of the first steps to getting your company noticed is getting your company listing with an established business directory, whether it be in a good lold fashion phone book or a local business directory. Cariboo Media has your local needs covered with our localized business directories; A solution dedicated to your local area and promoted to your local customers.

Why toy with listing in a national publication where your business gets lost amongst the myriad of competitors? List in a business directory that specializes in your area at a fraction of the cost you might expect.

Cariboo Media targets localized solutions and puts you where you need to be, in front of your local customer’s eyes. We know today’s enonomy demands flexible solution so we provide three different listing options with monthly, 3 month or annual listing lengths.

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The Standard Listing offers:

  • A search description to help customers find you when searching the directory.
  • A full company description to provide your customers with all of the information pertinent to your company.
  • One image to help your customers recognize your storefront, your staff or to feature one of your product displays.
  • Integrated Google maps to help your customers find you.
  • Business listing in one category.

The Featured Listing offers:

  • All of the above features of a Standard Listing.
  • Business listing in up to three categories.
  • Multiple images to help promote your storefront, your staff and your products.
  • A featured tag that ensures your listing, as a Featured Listing, shows first in directory search results.

Add your your Listing

Get your company listed in a Directory of Local Business Listings and start being seen by your local customers today!