Database Solutions

Database Development; Elegance mixed with practical purpose and common sense.

Cariboo Media takes both a professional and a personal pride in building, supporting, and integrating quality relational information management solutions. Our robust development and consulting team will study your existing information infrastructure and your objectives to work with you on a development plan that addresses your needs. We then build your solution, working closely with you every step along the way.

Whether it is resource management, finances, project administration, sales/marketing support, product management, e-commerce, or other critical areas of your operation, your growth and competitive position will be determined by how you manage and react to information. Cariboo Media helps by providing leading edge technical and business expertise so that you can make best use of your in-house staff. You take care of today while we help you prepare for tomorrow.

Using the latest Internet software technologies such as ColdFusion, Flex, and SMS, we create reliable, secure web 2.0 applications to help you interact more effectively with your clients, automatically place orders from your suppliers, and whatever your business needs dictate. We have designed and developed systems as varied as a résumé search engine for recruiting agencies to a browser-driven multi-language content management system for a global construction products companies.

Contact us for more information and to help us understand your business needs. Adding a custom web application to your Internet website will help streamline and automate your business processes.